About practicing asana

When I start doing yoga, it was just a group exercise to improve my flexibility and to be a better basketball player, It was subsidiary thing – just nothing but stretching style.

At that time, I thought I practiced yoga hard and I loved it especially the adjustment and forward bending
One of the greatest yoga instructor said “Do your practice, and all is coming ” – K. patabhi joys.
The beginner like me or people who just start doing yoga without thinking, well,  not sure. This quote may occur a lot of people about practicing Ashtanga vinyasa yoga students misunderstood. Because this explanation was not enough.
The origin of modern yoga master of master Machiriya he’s a scholar and a philosopher. One of his best student b.k.s iyengar had interviewed “My Guruji was a Great Philosopher”
“Practice Practice Practice, don’t ask theory” guru says. Yes, we all learned and know the practice makes perfect. Most of us when it comes to practicing yoga, we just focusing on doing asanas –  the poses we’ve learned a lot in our courses. But doing asana is just part of it, they are not enough.
There are two ways of practicing
Outer way of practing is 1) yama : things not to do
                                              2) niyama : things to do
                                              3) asana : movement, poses
                                              4) pranayama : breath
Inner way of practicing  1) Pratiyahara : insensibility
                                              2) dharana : concentration
                                              3) diyana : meditation
                                              4) samadi : enlightenment
Yoga is not only asana, the outer way of practicing but also there’re many other principles and values we follow while we doing it.  Yoga is a life, the way of living. Of course practice is important but keep those ways of practicing in your mind. Those are as important as asana and you should learn it from guru and consistently practice and do it properly.
Daniel, Kim  200hr(weekend)

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