A Yoga Journey

Every person’s yoga journey is different and unique, and I thought I’d share a snippet of my personal yoga journey – Perhaps it will be an encouragement to some of you.

My journey begun some time in late 2013 and this came about when I met with an injury from a sport that I invested much time in – running. It was a relatively cool afternoon and I thought I had warmed up well enough – doing all the usual stretches and preparation before my race. Little did I know, this race would be one of my last few 400m hurdles competitions I’d have the chance to take part in. The gun went off, the runners and I charged ahead from the starting line. 10 hurdles to go. As I crossed the fourth last hurdle (250m mark),  I felt a strange tightness in my right glutes and my right leg felt weak as it reached the ground. I had pulled my glutes after crossing the seventh hurdle and could failed to complete that race. The road to recovery was long and painful, but looking back, the loss of a sport I invested 7 years of my life, led me to find a love for another.

Starting yoga was not that easy for me. With every pose, even a warrior 2 pose, I could feel my glutes give way. Despite the challenge, I told myself to stick with it, and to show up on my mat once a week. I did so for 10 weeks, then 20 weeks, and what started as a uneasy and unfamiliar route to recovery, soon became a habit.

Like most things in life, it was not all fine and dandy and I soon got out of the habit of showing up on the mat. I moved to overseas for my studies soon after and found it even harder to commit my time to yoga whilst focussing on my studies and co-curricular activities at school. To make matters worst, perhaps lady-luck was not on my side, and I broke my wrist whilst on a ski trip with some friends. That most definitely threw me off my already not-so-regular routine of practice. Yoga was was placed on hold for yet another six months while I worked towards gaining my strength back in my hand to do even just the regular things, like holding a mug or washing dishes. However, strangely enough, this incident of not having something for an extended period of time led me to miss it even more. I vividly remember my first yoga practice since breaking my wrist. My arm shook in a plank, and for a moment, I was very sure my wrist was going to snap again. It was frustrating to know even the simplest poses felt the most challenging back then.

But it was for this yoga teacher I had the opportunity to meet, Sue, whose words of kindness and reaffirmation helped me open my mind to be patient with myself and my limitations of my body. Looking back, it was through Sue’s classes that I learnt a lot more about yoga, advanced on with my practice, and made this a habit, showing up week after week. When I moved back to Singapore, I was sure of continuing yoga and finding a studio that would help me deepen my practice, because  if it were not for yoga, I do not think I would have gained back the mobility and strength in my wrist I have today.

After months of trying different studios, I found Tirisula Yoga, and I decided to stick with it. I took the leap of faith and challenged myself to do the YTT200, and here I am today, 467 days since I joined the studio, thrilled to start a new chapter as my teacher training course at Tirisula comes to a close.

Every person’s yoga journey is different and unique. Some will fall in love with it instantly, others may take a while longer. But like most things in life, you’ll never know till you try, or stay with it long enough to fully experience it.