A simple explanation of “What is YOGA? “

Some will think of all the sweat and pain of the stretch when we mention the word yoga. Some will think of the pose that they can do or have seen their friends post on Instagram.

YOGA is everywhere. Most of us will relate to being introduced to YOGA through the performing of ASANA at some fitness class programs. 1 hour of sweat and ego booster. The feel-good factor after a good yoga class. You feel like you have expired lots of cardio sweat and you feel lighter, more relax and also feels like you have a clearer mind. Why is this happening? Why are so many people attracted to this thing call yoga?

YOGA actually comprises of more than what we have been exposed to by commercial fitness centres. YOGA comes from the word YUJ which means the union of the physical mind with the spiritual mind. We as curious beings have this need to find out why we feel so good after the yoga class or why it makes us fall into such deep sleep at the end of the day. Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, Bhagavad Gita, 8 limbs of yoga, 4 paths of yoga, chakras, Swami, Master, guru, pranayama, kriya, bandha and the list goes on. Everything is yoga or has things that are related to the things we learn through YOGA as a big subject.

The million-dollar question that we still have to answer – why do we feel what we feel after a good yoga class? Let’s talk about the ASANA part of yoga in this write up. Asana is what we have all done as postures and poses. All of the poses that are being done in the “yoga class” will activate and stimulate some chakras in our body. There is a total of 7 charkas in all of us. At first, the word chakras and the idea behind this word seem the same as believing that unicorns exist. The triangle force that is spinning inside our body can affect the way we behave and feel? As science becomes more advanced, it’s starting to prove that the theory of chakras is becoming a fact that can be supported by modern science. For those that do not believe yet in the chakras, the postures that we are doing in class twist us into poses that we do not believe our bodies could achieve. By doing these poses, we are actually massaging and twisting our internal organs and intestines. Which other forms of exercise will enable us to do this? What happens when you go for a body massage? It gets the system and blood moving in the way it’s supposed to, and you feel good after a good massage. Same for your organs and intestines. It starts to function better and the system that keeps our body working properly starts to work again. We release tensions and knots stuck in our muscles and organs through these postures. The muscles in our body get worked gently and our body responses to these movements and postures.

For those that have not caught up with the Asana “yoga” yet. It’s time to look around you and observe friends and family around you that have been doing these postures. Look at their transformation and let it be a testimony to you.