A Quick Look at Sattvic Foods


Diet is possibly the last thing, that I would ever look deeper into. Not that I am blessed with great genes that allows me to eat what I want and never gain anything, but I workout a lot in my daily life (job). As we ventured into the topic of The 3 Gunas and Food, one of the mini assignment was to create a Chinese cuisine menu using Sattvic food.


According to Bhagavad Gita, Sattvic Food gives life, purity, strength, health, joy, and cheerfulness.


Sattvic food, supposingly exudes ‘Positive Energy’, has ‘Prana’ in it and many health inducing properties. They should be fresh and pure, and always freshly made to nourish the mind. One interesting aspect of the sattvic food philosophy: when food is cooked with fresh ingredients with love, it increases the prana in it and vice versa.


The principles of sattva guna is devoid of meat, fish, eggs, alcohol, onions and garlic. Vegetables, fresh or dry fruits, grains, milk and milk products too, are all examples of Sattvic food. Some great examples. How we can get the best of Sattvic diet, can be illustrated below:



Satvic food promotes longevity, heath, purity, strength and cheerfulness. Whether you are preparing, cooking, and eating a satvik meal, it is very important to have a good and positive frame of mind. Food is only as good as the amount of love put in to it.


Healthy Living, Healthy Mind

Satvic foods are healing foods, food that keeps you alert and that give you clarity of mind and body. Eating the right kind of food for you body type helps to create a balance within the body. The ingredients are fresh and healthy ensuring you have an overall tough immune system.


Yoga Practices

Practising of yoga is not about changing the body. It is to unite the mind, body and soul. No matter which type of yoga you practice, performing the asanas help to bring out the best in the satvik food you consume.



While the general mindset is satvik food is too healthy to be tasty, the lack of spices and flavourings is why and what makes it good. Bringing out the natural goodness from the ingredients, a satvik meal actually have all six flavours in a meal: sweet, salt, sour, pungent, bitter and astringent. Hence, it can be tasty yet well balanced.


No Leftovers

One of the stringent belief while following a satvic diet is definitely no eating of leftovers. Sattvic diet is meant to be as fresh as possible so leftovers may attract several microorganisms and bacteria. Satvic foods should be consumed within a couple of upon preparation.


My Humble View:

As with all specific diet plans, this may lead to excess stress and worry for people who are not hugely disciplined with what goes into the body and mouth. Perhaps focussing on eating simple fresh food will be good enough. Paying attention to how the food affects our mind, body and heart, and with awareness and patience, sattvic foods can be effective at creating long-term inner peace both on and off your yoga mat.