A perfect creation

The creator of the human body – whoever it is – is a genius. The body is a fine piece of art. Perfect balance, symbiosis and equilibrium are its trademark.
Let us start with the main engine of our body – the heart. Part of the cardiovascular system, the heart connects intricately with a complex pathway of veins, arteries and capillaries throughout the body and feeds it invaluable oxygen and nutrients.
Every heartbeat is an act of contraction and relaxation, or a systole and diastole. When the upper chambers, or atria, contract, the lower chambers, or ventricles, relax. Where blood travels away from the heart via arteries, vessels and then arterioles, there is a return path via capillaries, venules and then large veins. And where deoxygenated blood travels away from the heart to the lungs from the right, the left shares its load by transporting oxygenated blood from the left to other parts of the body. The heart is in perfect balance.
Next up is our muscular system. Regardless of the number of origins, shape or size, there are always agonists and antagonists. Agonist muscles help make an action happen, like raising a leg. To return your body to its natural position, antagonist muscles work the other way and revert the leg to its original position. Where there is a flex action, there is an extension. Where there is a need to move a limb away from the torso, or abduct, there will eventually be a need to move it back towards the torso, or adduct. Our muscles work in perfect balance.
Moving on to the endocrine system. If the body is calling out for an action to maintain homeostasis, specific hormones are released, targeting cells to enable a particular action to happen. Be it temperature, blood pressure or water level, there are hormones for each feedback the body is providing. When the body is crying out for fluids, anti-diuretic hormones kick in. And when the body returns to normalcy, production of hormones ceases. Like muscles, there are antagonistic hormones, like insulin and glucagon. They work hand in hand to make sure that blood glucose level within the body is maintained at the optimal condition. Parathyroid hormones, on the other hand, partners closely with Calcitonin to regulate the level of calcium in our blood. The endocrine system is in perfect balance.
The perfect balance is a state inherent in each of us. When we sucked in our first breath as a baby, we were happy and carefree. And life often throws us off balance. It introduces highs and lows, happiness and sadness, peace and chaos. We can each do something to help our minds and bodies find this balance again. My way is yoga. What’s yours?

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