A More In Depth Look Into Yoga

On to our second week, the journey of exploring yoga still proves as intensive as the first, not only physically but mentally as well.

The practice of the different asanas was thankfully not as grueling as the first week but the challenge was looking at each asana at a deeper level, with the correct posture alignments. Whilst I’ve been enjoying the physical benefits of yoga practice, imagine the awakening when I realized I’ve been doing some of the postures wrongly thus far. To be able to pinpoint the errors in my postures and consciously make changes is something I appreciate. To correct postures that one has been doing wrong for an extended period of time is definitely trying, especially when a lot of it is committed to muscle memory.

Being exposed to the theory aspect of yoga is also a highlight as we covered aspects of the Eight Limbs of Asthanga. The concepts are definitely big ones which pushes one to look deep into oneself, with honesty and clarity. The importance of alignment of physical and mental self is a key takeaway and at least for me, a work in progress. To apply the concepts learnt to daily life is surely a journey which requires adjustments from time to time to stay on course, much like driving or flying a plane, to arrive at the destination. Yoga forces one to be honest to oneself and the application of concepts being a daily affair is the beauty of yoga. An anchor that is always there to keep you grounded as long as you embrace it in your life.

It was mentioned in class that yoga is an action and not motion. The physical practice of yoga should be done with focus given to breathing, correct alignment and mental focus to enjoy the full benefits. Who would’ve thought there is so much that goes into asanas. I feel like I’ve been sleeping through my practice and the dots have finally been connected. Of course, the awareness is there that what I’ve learnt so far is only scratching the surface but at least it’s a start.