A good change

Yoga practice was never on the top of my list of exercise. To me, yoga was simply a way to stretch out pumped-up muscles resulted from several vigorous high-intensity circuit trainings/running/swimming,etc. I’ve never really appreciated yoga till of late. I started to fall in love with my time on the mat, unwinding from all the stress at work and simply be present for that moment. I was able to focus, clear my mind, and allow myself to flow with my breath. And for that…. I’m grateful to see things in a different light.
My nemesis -“Inflexibility”
Having said that, yoga has taught me to be patient, to go with the flow and press on. I’ve learnt to view my inflexibility not as a hindrance but a challenge. Embracing the word “yet”, has not only been put into my yoga practice but in my life as well.
“I can’t do parivrtta trikonasana without using a block– IT bands are too tight!” I told myself I can’t do it “yet”, but eventually, I’ll get there.
“I can’t even sit in a half lotus pose,with my knee and thigh close to the ground without feeling pain.” Again,I told myself not “yet”, but eventually, I’ll get there.
It takes hard work to see the fruits of your labor no matter what one does in life. We reap what we sow; If my hip flexors and sacrum aren’t open as I wished they were, I just need to work a little harder than the blessed ones to get to where I want. I got rid of my office chair to sit on a gym ball to work on my hip rotation, picked up tips from Erica for hip opening exercises while watching the telly….. boy, this is painful….. but i know it’s gonna be worth it in due time.
It’s been 5 weekends since the start of my YTT, and though i’m struggling in class, but deep down in my heart… I’m Luvvving it! It’s probably one of the best decisions I’ve made to do this.
Learning proper alignments for a safe practice was of top priority to me, but I was surprised by how much more I got out of this journey. Self-reflection through yoga practice; letting go of any ego and negative thoughts, restoring and learning to build good and positive energy within and sharing it with others has somehow uplifted one’s spirit and this makes me happy.
Indeed, it’s been a good change so far, a good start to a new year for me. I’m really looking forward to see what other changes there’ll be, what will I evolve into in future… feeling pumped up.
Samantha Lee

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