8 limbs of yoga. The yamas

8    Limbs of Yoga
Yamas-Restrictions or ethical disciplines

  • Ahimsa………..Non Violence. It doesn’t mean just a physical violence but also a violence of a thought, violence towards an object or violence towards oneself.

On should accept everyone the way they are and it should start from accepting ourselves first…Violence comes from the mind and one should not use violence to protect themselves. Violence arouses from fear, weakness and ignorance. So we have to start from clearing the fear  and anger first. Learning to forgive other and ourselves and not demanding revenge and justice as it will only cause more violence…

  • Satya……….Truthfulness. Being truthful to ourselves as well to others. Thinking before speaking and consider a consequence of our actions…Sometimes it is better to remain quiet. When your mind only thinks truth, you will only speak truth and will become closer to the infinite…When you remain truthful to yourself and others you will be respected and remembered by others and looked after as well.
  • Asteya………non stealing and non covetedness , lack of jealousy. Trying not to be selfish and also avoid using other people’s ideas and pretending they are ours. Keeping information we are trusted with to ourselves and not spreading it further..If cannot encourage then don’t discourage.
  • Brachmacharya……..Non lust. In some books translates as celibacy.. It doesn’t only apply to a sexual energy..It is a lust in general. Taking only what we really need and not indulging in more. Using the sexual energy towards creativity in some other way..Finding your centre
  • Aparigraha…….Non possessiveness..It also means not being greedy in any way. Not holding on unnecessary objects for no reason and keeping as little as possible. Letting go of the past and not taking advantage of others. One should not taking anything he didn’t work for or as a favor from others..By practicing aparigraha we are making our lives simple and our mind will not feel lack of anything. Everything we really need will come to us when needed.