7 Types of Headstand

I usually have trouble in writing and explaining things, I think I might have speech dyslexia. At times, what comes out of my mouth and in writing is not what I have in my mind. I’ve always sucked at this. So instead of fully writing and explaining everything, I thought I’d make another approach, and share a sketch instead!

Sketching and doodling has always been one of my first hobbies when I was young. I always loved to draw as a kid. But as I grew up, I slowly lost my touch with the pencil and paper replacing it with computer programs, and always had an excuse to do other things aside from drawing. So now I’m giving it another chance! 🙂

A few weeks ago, Master Sree asked us to do headstands on the wall. Unfortunately most of us couldn’t do it without the support of the wall (help please, exam is coming up!), but luckily one of our classmate, Varuna! could amazingly do it with such ease, poise and stillness. So with that, Master Sree introduced the 7 types of headstand in the Ashtanga Secondary Series and tried it with her. Amazingly she could do all the poses with the help of Master Sree’s guidance and support (without any wall I might add). So with these lessons, I would just like to share the 7 types of headstand. 😀


ok… In our class, the forearm headstand was actually not included, I just found it on an Ashtanga website, but I though to include it in. Master Sree actually tried out the “No Hands” headstand with our classmate instead, which was awesome and scary at the same time!

I hope you enjoyed Master Sree explaining the headstands in this sketch. Heehee.

Stay Happy and Healthy Always Yogis!!! 😀