The Journey

Im amazed by how time flies; amazed by myself; amazed by all my classmates, at how we perservered through the intensive course these 3 weeks. As the title itself suggests, intensive, was definitely not a scam. Our day started as early as 5am, reaching the studio by 7.
In fact, the first week was torturous! I would drag myself out of bed, lug my mat, my big bag and leave the house when everyone else were still in their deep slumber. I would secretly whine to myself inside, but today, i have not regretted once, for taking up this course and never will I be. I am already seeing myself doing this, 10 years,20 years down the road and i know i will.
Despite the absence of luxurious facilities, I love the place. For its conduciveness, for the peacefulness, for the warmth spread by everyone, which made that place very much like a second home to me for the past 3 weeks. We brushed through pain and sweat, finishing the very last set of moves with cleanched fists and teeth, burying our heads in the books of words, going beyond our limits day after day just for the aim of becoming an excellent teacher, to our future students. Like what the masters said, we want to become a ”teacher” and not just an ”instructor”, we want to be able to share all our knowledge to the students and not be one who just enters the class to conduct and give lessons.  Doesn’t sound like a task huh, but all these takes more than just actions. It’s the passion, the love to share.
Now that I have finished the course, I actually felt lost for the day, for there was no one around to push me deeper into the asana, get me to pump harder, suck in the belly more, use the core instead of momentum, squeeze your glutes, square the hips. OMGOSH. Im missing everyoneeeeeee!
All the best for the rest of you completing the 500. and me, I’ll work hard on my own here, and i shall visit all of you very soooon! :DD

2 thoughts on “The Journey”

  1. aww! val, i miss you! hope your doing good there!
    have fun travelling! (:
    and ah yes! shyanne school of yoga! one fine dayyy, i hope so too ((:

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