5th week YTC

Time passes so fast. Our training is coming to last 2 weeks. We are preparing for our lesson planning , and getting ready to teach .

For last few weeks, we had been going through tough and solid fundamental training. It was very tiring but is good  for strengthening my arm and my core. It helps in many arm balancing and inversion. During that time, I felt so tired and body was in pain but i enjoyed . I tell myself to hold on, I will make it.  ‘ahamkara’-ego, i made that decision. I have to overcome myself. Many times without ego, we cannot push ourselves further.It is an energy inside us. On the hand, outsider may mistaken as show off or egoistic.  I know there is a limit of what i can do. I will not push my limit. I have to take one step at a time so to avoid injury. Yoga is to  practice with awareness and peace in mind. Know our body, understand inner self. 





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