50 Key Yoga Phrases

Talking in class today about how we repeat the same phrases over and over we thought it would be helpful to compile the top 50 words/phrases commonly used when teaching yoga. In particular this will hopefully help those who don’t have English as their first language as it must be so much harder to instruct when you also have to translate! Please add in any of your favourite phrases I think there are tons more but here are 50 to get going! Josie
1)   Inhale
2)   Exhale
3)   Breathe for 5/4/3/2/1
4)   Raise arms to ceiling
5)   Fold forwards
6)   Bring palms to floor
7)   Spread fingers wide
8)   Look up
9)   Fold forwards
10) Bring right/left foot back
11)  Come to plank position
12)  Bring knees, chest, chin to the floor
13)  Bend elbows to chaturanga
14)  Raise chest and look up
15)                   Tuck toes in
16)                  Push back to downward dog
17)                  Look between your palms
18)                  Bring right/left leg forward
19)                  Jump forwards
20)                   Look halfway up
21)                   Raise arms all the way up
22)                   Place hands on hips
23)                   Push hips forward and lean back
24)                   Gaze at the ceiling
25)                   Look to your Dristi point
26)                   Focus at a point on the wall in front of you
27)                   Place legs hip width apart
28)                   Swing right leg/left leg back
29)                   Place foot at 45/90/180 degrees
30)                   Take a wide stance
31)                   Take one step back
32)                   Pivot to face the opposite direction
33)                   Raise arms to shoulder height
34)                   Square your hips
35)                   Engage your inner thighs/quads/glutes etc
36)                   Ground your foot into the mat
37)                   Squeeze shoulder blades together
38)                   Clasp hands together with palms touching
39)                   Bend knee
40)                   Stack your knee over your ankle
41)                  Keep shoulders stacked over wrists
42)                   Flex your feet
43)                   Twist from your torso/chest
44)                   Maintain a neutral spine
45)                  Bring equal weight to your sitting bones
46)                   Cross one leg over the other
47)                   Shift your weight to right/left leg
48)                   Tuck tailbone under
49)                   Lift and lengthen spine
50)                   Relax!

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