5 Ways to Practice Yoga as a Way of Life

Let’s go beyond asanas.
It is essential to give respect to the legacy and origins of yoga. Now a days, we should be wary not to compromise the quality and essence of yoga. Here are five ways we can deepen our practice.
1. Read up on theory, Yoga should be practiced outside of the mat, too. Some good books to start with are: Light on Yoga by BSK Iyengar, the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Bhagavad Gita, Autobiography of a Yogi by Yogananda (also available as a film documentary) and the Banda Yoga series by Dr. Ray Long.
2. Discover what kind of yoga suits you best? Yoga therapy, maybe if you have some specific issues like scoliosis? Ashtanga, if your more on the athletic side. If it is simple to calm your mind, maybe Hatha or more focus on Prańayama would be best. If your the type of person that likes spontaneity, then you can try it all!
3. Influence your family and friends, by practicing partner yoga with your kids or your spouse.
4. Having trouble sleeping? Brahmari Prañayama (hummingbird) is best as a daily evening practice, that would put you in a relaxed state of mind.
5. Treat yourself to an Ayurvedic and Yoga Retreat in Kerela to be immersed in an environment where the origins of Ayurveda are found.
Of course, there are many more. Sometimes, we have to remind ourselves (in the age of social media) that the asana is not the goal. Asana is only one of eight limbs of yoga.
Master Paalu mentioned in class; that “the benefits of yoga would only have a deeper impact in your life after many years.” To truly enhance your karma, to allow yourself to transform into your fullest potential in your career, relationships, spiritual life… It will take much more than 108 salutations, although that is helpful too.
In this short three weeks of 200 YTT, I have already been experiencing subtle changes. I feel more vibrant and grounded. There is still a long way ahead, much to learn, read and practice – with joy, gratitude and enthusiasm.
Chloe C. Chotrani
200H YTT September 2017