The 4th of Niyama: Swadhyaya

One day in our yoga class, I am the one who assigned to explain what is Swadyaya, as soon as I search what is the definition of it, I was instantly interested of the meaning of it, it is actually means “self-study” or you can also say one’s own reading, Swa meaning self, the human soul, one, own and dhyaya means study, lecture or lesson. Swadhyaya is about understanding and learning about yourself, not about asking for help from the outside, its about looking inside yourself and giving answers to who you are as a person.


Learn about yourself, Be aware of yourself and the impact that you have on other people.

Learn how to change it into positive way and become a better person in self control.

And as a human being I think we all need this swadhyaya practice it will help us to live clearly and fulfilled, having a direction in our path by knowing ourselves better. Swadyaya is really central to our yoga practice we’re constantly using our physical practice our hatha practice as a vehicle for self-study a lot of what we’re trying to do when we’re on our mat and we’re doing any different sort of pose is to see what our initial reaction is to it to see how we evolve through that pose, Swadhyaya is really a deep question who am I? really who am I?  really means not the fake labels shouldn’t say fake but the external labels that we put on ourselves like what our profession is or even our status and the family if you’re a wife or husband, brother or sister a co-worker etc. and that’s how you identify yourself but that’s really on a very superficial level thinking of yourself as these external labels and that comes from a strong culture condition that when you meet someone these are the information that you will say or given, but in yoga this concept of connecting to the self this is the internal means of Swadhyaya your spiritual, your soul, of really who you are deeply as a person.


Charisze Kaye Boesgaard, 

200hr YTTC, March 2018

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