40 is the new 20 (my transformation that is..)

As I hang on to my last few moments of being 40 (turning 41 today), I sat and reflected on life in general, as I always do on every birthday.
When I first took yoga up about 1.5 years ago, it was more of a doing the ‘in thing‘ in fitness. As I grew to like it more, I made it a consistent workout and tried everything from Bikram to Hatha to Ashtanga. The teachings of all the gurus were different, which made it all the more interesting.
As I grew to enjoy the art of pranayama & meditation and the teachings of yama and niyama, I found myself 1) wanting to improve my poses. Then came the earning to make every asana ‘correct’, the need to be aware of my alignment and focus on the drishtis and 2) feeling the need to be strong (I have almost no upper body strength!). What was the point of being flexible when one can’t even hold in a forearm plank for a minute (how to do chaturanga arms plank like that)?
Uttitha Trikonasa looked like the simplest pose in the book (aside from Savasana of course) but I can tell you that for the last 1.5 years I had been doing it all wrong, though the asana looked right, at least in my pictures. I’ve learnt that it doesn’t mean that just because you can touch your toe that you are doing the final pose correctly.  Yoga is 1% theory and 99% practice (no kidding).
17 January 2015 is the date that has since changed the way I do, think, feel and breathe yoga. Someone told me “Alamak so old already you still want to do, later bones break then you know!” I am a firm believer of alot of sayings but ‘Age is just a number’ is my number one mantra – it has never stopped me from trying something new and my yoga journey has since begun.
My only challenge now is perfecting my Sirsasana (without relying on the wall). Every time I touch the wall, I am reminded “Eh, why you touching the wall?”  and I will put in 100% effort to try my best at it, as I do with everything else in my life. The benefits of this asana is endless and the favourite bait to this pose is the promise of anti-gravity youthfulness (ah .. those magic words). Someday I will be able to do this, I just know it.
There is no such thing as ‘the end‘ in yoga. Whether it is learning anatomy, the respiratory system or perfecting uddiyana bandha, my  yoga journey has only just begun. I’m progressing through this 200 hours YTTC (slowly but surely. Psst! I can now do 10 SOLID push ups… aiseh man damn happy) and I know that I have a long journey ahead but I can’t wait to graduate, not just for the cert, but for the lessons I have and will continue to learn and the ‘skills’ that I have and will continue to acquire that I cannot wait to pass on to my fellow aspiring yogis, young or OLD 😉
I tell myself this when my yogi days get a little challenging. “Will this 200 hours YTTC be easy? Nope. Would it be worth it? Absolutely.”
YogiGlam (aka Samantha Dorai)

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