The 4 Paths of Yoga

Ask anyone entering a career in teaching what their primary fears are and a lack of confidence will trend in their responses, in giving instructions, remembering their lesson plan, being able to make a difference.
Certainly, when I started teaching these were my own insecurities. My concern was whether I’d be successful in developing my students. My focus was displaced. It was on my success, not theirs.
Today, Paalu explored the 4 paths of yoga with us and I reflected: if Karma Yoga is void of self-gratification, then where is the motivation to teach? When we teach, we find reward in the progress of others- surely this satisfies our inner ego too? When I helped my partner stretch into her bind today, I was definitely satisfied- elated in fact!
So, taking Paalu’s teachings about the dangers of hope and expectation, I asked myself: Would I have been disappointed if I’d failed to get her body to yield? The answer was no. I felt happy to be an instrument, a signpost on her path. I was not her final destination.
Such is the tapestry of life and yoga perhaps, that everything that features is a part of the journey, not definitive of it.
In this, I realised my fulfilment in helping someone was not centred around a private need for recognition, but a quiet contentment in being trusted through the wholehearted intention of assisting another in their development.
It was this intention that fueled me with the confidence to guide. As aspiring yoga teachers, what else can we do, but devote our capabilities to helping others realise theirs?
Sarah Yong
YTTC 200hr

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