The Beginner Class Plan from Scratch


Planning and writing up a beginner yoga class plan from scratch is another assignment as part of the yoga teachers’ training. Naturally the first instinct to go down the memory lane of how I, as a participant enjoy the most out of a yoga class.


I started by asking myself questions like: What is my class objective? What is my class focus today? How long is the class today for?           


Upon getting into the structure, I had to give time to each segment and how I plan to get into the sequences.


Outline Class Objectives

Building on a framework of class objectives and what is the outcome creates starting points for class focus. This will also allow me to explore deeper into points such as:


  • What is the main focus of the class?
  • Who are my audience?
  • How can I make them successful in class by accomplish the focus?
  • What is their takeaway from class?


Planning the Flow of the Class and Set Goals

Without planning the flow and outline goals, participants may be lost and lose focus. Also a great way to develop is introduce a class aim so everyone knows what they are ending up with.


Building a Sequence which leads to a Peak Pose

After developing the flow as well as setting the participants’ goal, I have to stick as close as possible to the plan by spending time creating momentum towards the peak pose. An example is, if I want to lead the class to a Arm Balancing Pose, I would have to strengthen their upper body with various strength poses to get there eventually.


Offering Options

While we spend time at the peak pose, it is important also to offer variations and new ways of getting into the pose. Aim is also to engage students of different levels, and helping them understand that there are always options.


Checking in on participants after closing.

Checking in with participants allow connection and feedbacks to come through. Essentially, this is also a time to reflect on our own practice and improve on it. 🙂