It’s a dog eat dog corporate world out there. With Covid-19, job security is at stake and stress is at an all-time high. This post will teach you to shine in front of your boss and also release some muscle stress at work.

First volunteer for your boss’s latest useless side project. What better way to catch his attention than to extend your arms up like the star employee you are.

Additional benefits – eccentrically contracting your latissimus dorsi, teres minor/ major, and releasing them from the hunched posture you probably have.

Next, abduct your arms to the side facing your work buddy to saboh them to volunteer with you. Avoid their murderous eye contact by gazing at your elbow. Remember to abduct both left and right arms to arrow enough people to form a team.

More benefits – same as above and also additional release for the obliques with the gentle twist.

Realize that your colleagues are all going on leave! Silently cry into your flexed knees as now, you not only have to do the boss’s project but also cover their work.

Feel better as you eccentrically contract your gluteus muscles, bicep femoris and rectus spinae.

Finally, surrender and steal a nap by drawing your belly to your thighs. Sink deeper with each exhalation and relax. Tomorrow is a better day.