3 weeks & 2 kilos lighter

Why I went on the course?
Yoga was my saviour at the lowest point of my life and embarking on this 3 week intensive YTTC was a dedication to yoga and to myself for pulling through.
It brought focus into my life at a time when I was hanging on by a thread and my body was much weakened by chemotherapy. The attendance at Yoga classes was difficult in the cold wintry evenings and keeping my wig on was an added challenge. After a few lessons, I was so engrossed in my practice and my head was boiling hot that I threw caution to the wind, took my wig off, revealing my baldness to the world. That was most liberating!!
Ten years have gone by and long overdue, I would now like to teach Yogasana and spread the word about this ancient philosophy that I call the elixir of life.
In my opinion, introducing Yogasana to the not-so-young (40+++) would bring great rewards for me and hopefully my potential students; freeing creaking joints, coaxing stiff backs to bend and dissolving the cerebral cobwebs with pranayama. To further encourage attendance, my classes will be f.o.c
What I got out of the course?

  1. The most important lesson for me was the “breath” factor ; Consciously working with the breath in my asanas helped my practice tremendously. For the first few days I was exhausted after the classes but in the second and final weeks when I paid particular attention to the breath (Ujjayi breath) I was not exhausted but healthily weary.
  2. With correct breathing, cells and muscles had sufficient oxygen to prevent lactic acid build up thus recovery was much faster. ( this was evident when I did not have to resort to borrowing my 98 year-old mum’s U-tap machine in the second and final week)
  3. To my astonishment, my energy levels also increased . This could be the result of  PRANAYAMA

My resting heartbeat also improved from high 70s to just below 70 with my systole and diastole remaining constant. Could it be the kumbukha (retention) in pranayama?
Although I have never considered weight as an important measurement, I am happy to note that I had shed 2 kilos during the 3 weeks and lost ONE full inch off my waist. One inch may not seem very much but believe me the waist is quite a” stubborn” area to reduce.
I was very happy to have left behind anatomy and physiology (biology) in my school days. The textbook that came with the course was a good tool to cure my insomnia when it happened. But by the end of the course, I was marveling how my vital bodily functions work without any interference on my part and from now on deserve more of my respect. I have to say that master trainer Satya really brought these potentially ‘boring’ subjects to life. I am now on good terms with my intercostal muscles and diaphragm.
Marichyasana was for a long time the bane of my life and I was convinced that my short arms and fat tummy prevented me from binding. Could be the ONE inch off my waist that made the difference, but I can now ‘bind’! The secret is ‘technique with breath!’ and a lot of sweat and help from Adeline! (the ‘Tapas’ teacher!)’
Lastly, my neighbour Ju, who has not seen me for the three weeks is convinced that I have had a face lift in Singapore. I shall send her to Haji Lane!

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