3 Gunas

Yoga sutra 4.13: te vyakta suksmah gunatmanah
Te: they, these
Vyakta: manifest
Suksmah: subtle
Guna: elements; prime qualities
Atmanah: the nature of
The natural form that the universe exists in the beginning is called Prakriti. The 3 gunas are the qualities that manifest themselves to differentiate the natural form and they are Sattvas, Rajas and Tamas. All these 3 gunas always present in all human beings and objects that surround us. Each guna level can be modified through influence of lifestyle habits, thoughts and external objects.
Sattvas is a state of purity, harmony, balance or joy. The trait of Sattvas is usually enlightenment, good temper and less emotional. In terms of Chakra, Sattva lies on the fifth and sixth chakra.
Raja is state of motion, energy or activity. The trait of Raja is ruled by greed, cravings, restless and attention seeking. Raja lies on the third and fourth chakra.
Tamas is a state of dullness, darkness or inactivity. The trait of Tamas is usually ignorance, indecisive and vileness of behavior. Tamas lies on the first and second chakra.
Sattvas will be the most ideal qualities to instill in us. We can increase bring the level of this guna by eating more Sattvic food like grains, roots and leafy greens. By practicing yoga, we will also be able to bring up our Sattvas level. As the Sattva lies on the fifth and sixth chakras, we should practice meditation to bring our chakra up to this level.
Min Yi
200 hr Weekday

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