Between B R E A T H : 24” | RESONATION (universe)

Between   B R E A T H : 24” | RESONATION (universe)



When you peer deep into your inner void with spirit’s windows close,

The Universe conspire the ultimate plan and all time froze.

Don’t you find it peculiar, the amount of matter the Universe compose,

Invariably remained familiar, and has never been reproposed but juxtaposed.

Moments in time you ponder and question the Universe,

Contemplating between stars the endless dark spaces transverse.

Is there something that surrounds the silent air we stare,

Until the space it filled replaced, there isn’t any there there.

The secret of the Universe inheres the cycle of polar duet,

Recurrence law of rhythmic dance in everything has already been set.

Alike the endless promises the day and night made that can’t be kept,

The cumulate of smiles, tears, joy, and fears, transcends the silhouette,

Familiar repetition of every 24 hours light and darkness reset,

Pulsation of spiritual self-shaped part of all that I met.

Be glad to have voids in who you are,

Like vast empty spaces between all the stars.

They’ll make you think its all so wrong,

Remember there’s beauty and knowledge in every song.

You are born to be thoughtful sons of confidence,

And compassionate daughters of intelligence.

You are born to show raw allure of deliverance,

To wash away the dirt from their eyes of ignorance.

There’ll be times when you feel abandoned and forsaken,

And the world makes you feel empty and mistaken.

Just remember the desolate welcomes the capacity to grow,

For the hearts’ that once filled these spaces, were always meant to be let go.

The past and the memories, the time and the present,

Was once a part of something pleasant.   

So sing and dance in these spaces, where the spirits belong,

Perhaps there’re just empty, until the right breath comes along.




Rather than waiting for the wind; run with the kite.

Trust your body to harvest the presence; Trust your breath to carry you home.

May your whole be the breath of the Universe





Jack Chan ^^  |  TTC 2018’03  |  Weekend Warrior!

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