To find the Right Master

Buddha says, the real power is "Meekness is most powerful, for it harbours no evil thoughts and moreover 
it is restful and full of strength."
When you fight, you expend energy.  When you fight, you lose energy. 
 Don't fight for the sake of fighting, preserve energy, and you will be powerful.  
One who saves his energy becomes a reservoir of energy that his very being and presence becomes powerful.
It is just magical, unanimous, pervasive and miraculous.  
When you come close to this person, you are being transformed and the darkness, worries, anger is disappears, 
completely annihilated. A different dimension, a another plane unfolds in front. 
 We reach another altitude, just electrifying.  People ask me how to find the right leader, master.  
The one possible way is just be near, closeby, completely silent, and in harmony with the leader. 
In this harmonious state, if you feel you are climbing, ascending higher and higher, 
then this person is the right leader or master.  
This person has the make up of a lightning, sharp, resplendent and simply electrical.  
The door to the ultimate , the energy combined becomes musical and a force is created.
The intellect is not able to decide who is the master.  Your love and hate cannot decide who is the master. 
The words are not powerful enough to decide who is the master nor the definitions.  Others are also
not able to help you to decide who is the master.  
Evil thoughts means ahimsa, thoughts of destruction, killing, egocentric.  These thoughts occupy too much energy,
never will they be able to manifests.

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