Towards my 200hrs (4/4)

In a few more days, 10 weeks of YTTC will be over just like that. Time really flies. All I can say is, I’m glad I did it for my body, my mind and my awareness. From here on, I want Yoga to be my lifestyle rather than something that I learnt, I knew and revisit later. I will progress forward in my practice, no matter how slow. I think I am in that phase in my life where I am more forgiving of myself. Time is relative and life is always in the now anyway. Just breathe.
Come next week, I will be having weekend yoga withdrawal symptoms for sure. I will miss that anxiety of getting the poses right, listening to Wei Wei’s incredible stories and of course, Paalu’s and Weiling’s wise words. Thank you for the journey. Thank you for being the best mates to go through the March 2018 YTTC together. So much kindness and love throughout my journey. I cherish each and every one of you. Hope we’ll meet again soon on the flipside.
Love always,

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