Towards my 200hrs (3/4)

My first introduction to chakra was from my ah-beng best friend as he blabbered on about this invisible life force after a drunken night at East Coast Park some 20 odd years ago. Strangely, he is only spiritual when he is not sober. Years later, I came across many articles about chakras and the only thing that interests me is how colourful they are. Being an art teacher, my inclination is naturally towards colours. Paradoxically, my favourite colour is white (which is actually all spectrum of colours combined). Soon, I rediscovered chakras, thanks to my obsession with stone bracelets. I fell in love with these bracelets and begin to have a whole collection of it in different colours (see insert). The company that sells them, include these small info tags describing how different coloured stone might help activate specific chakras in your body to help you reach your balance. Since then, I never left home without wearing one. Through the chakra lessons with Paalu, I got to understand in depth on how chakra actually works. The chakra session was truly enlightening as we saw the energy illuminating from our partner. To me, it is scientifically sound and the words of a famous scientist constantly ring in my head “Everything is energy. Energy never dies it just got transferred from one state to another.”Namaste!

Myra YTTC Mar 2018

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