200hr TTC blog part 2

Hi guys! 

I am so fascinated by the headstand pose (Sirsasana) – a king of the the poses and is said to bring the most benefits. Whenever I see someone is doing inversion, my eyes are on them and I always want to able to do it. So I have tried it,  however, before joining this course, I couldn’t do it without the wall behind me, I couldn’t hold the pose for more than 10 sec and I put almost my body’s weight on my shoulders and my neck (which was misalignment), therefore, I always felt shaking, unstable and uncomfortable in the pose. Luckily, I did not hurt myself by doing the pose wrongly. I thought the arm strength is the key in this pose, and forget about the rest of the body. Actually, it is not only about the arm and shoulder strength, but also hip, hamstring muscles need to be engaged. So, in the class we have done lots of hamstring, shoulder and hip work. Dolphin pose is ideal for building strength and mobility in the upper back to get ready for a full headstand.

Now, I can do a full headstand (without the wall behind ^^), it is just so amazing, standing on my head, breathing ujjaya and seeing the world turns upside down.




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