200hr TTC Blog Part 4

Hi everyone!

There are 2 more days to go to complete my 200 hr TTC in Tirisula. I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks to my teachers – Mr. Paalu, Ms. Wei Ling, Ms. Hui Yan, Ms. Stella and Ms. Kim Nguyen. Thanks for your guidance; 30 days have been so physically, mentally and emotionally challenging and changing for me. During these 30 days , I’ve seen myself changing. I’ve let things go a lot easily, learnt to be calm and be present rather than thinking about the past or future. I’ve started to like waking up early in the morning before the sunrise to do my morning process – pranayama and meditation (Dhyana). Before I start this course, I couldn’t sit down still for more than 3 minutes. I had to think about something, what to have for breakfast, what movie should I watch, should I eat out… and things like that, for example. My eyes were closed by my mind was full of thoughts, jumping thoughts. When I started the training, I apparently understood that mediation is not about closing eyes and visualise, but being still and learning to be present. The thoughts are still there as always but not jumping anymore, they stay frozen and not bordering you. It doesn’t matter how long is your meditation. Slowly and step by step. It is a life time practice. 


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