200hr TTC blog Part 3

Hi everyone!

Yeah, guess what! there is only one week left for the YTTC. And they say “time flies when you are having fun”. Yes, I am having fun, gaining new knowledge, skills every single day. This week we had to teach yoga for our classmates, from beginner class to advanced class. Each class requires different lesson plan, different way of delivering the lesson as well as different approach. The first lesson I taught was a bit messy. It is still messy though ^^. Somehow right leg, left leg, right hand, left hand were always mixed up. Not even mention the fact the inhalation and exhalation were missing sometimes. Being a yoga teacher is not easy at all. Beside all the knowledge, skills, the teaching approach and method are also play a very important role. In terms of giving instructions, it should be clear, precise, and easy to understand. The pacing must be consistent. Through out some teaching practice, I’ve been aware of myself, how I give instructions to students to make them understand and motivated. Techniques to get in and get out of the poses are very critical. A good yoga teacher should know the techniques to help his or her students do the poses without any injuries and discomfort. 

There are lots to be said about this teaching field. There are many things for me to learn and to apply to into my daily practice.

Step by step, here we go. Don’t try too hard, don’t try to little. 



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