The end of this 200hours journey…

Tomorrow is the 1st day of my final week of this course. Besides getting nervous and worried about the upcoming assessments, I am beginning to feel a bit sad about missing my fellow classmates and instructors. I’ve been seeing them from 7.30am to 1pm 5days a week, seems like I’ve been spending more time with them than my husband…oopss.. 😛

I like all my classmates and instructors. All of them are so friendly and nice, make me feel so warm which helps encourage me to attend class every day. And all of us have different background, are from different places and somehow met together here to spend 6 weeks together… and 6 weeks that are really not easy due to this challenging course. ^^ I guess this is what we call fate.

I hope we will still get to see each sometimes after this course in Singapore or, for those who live abroad, hope that we get to meet somewhere again in the future.

Last but not least, wish all of us to perform well for our upcoming assessments.

Keep in touch. All the best! 😉




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