200 hr training to become a professional yoga teacher

Parsvabakasana ; side crow
Parsvabakasana ; side crow
This is the second week of 200 Hr YTT at tirisula yoga.
Having to sleep by 9pm and waking up at almost 5am daily, on most days 5.15am is one of the best thing that I want it to happen so far. Being a nurse for the past 6.5 years, staying wide awake at 3am and waking up for a 7am shift had been a norm and I dreaded that life.
I have concluded that Monday are the hardest of a 5 day training week. The luxurious, old dietary and couch potato habits of a weekend hits hard when I turned up for training on Monday. The endless pushups, leg lifts, bunny hops of a minimum 50 times as Master Paalu says “welcome to the world of 50s” left me terribly exhausted yet thinking hard.
There are only 200 hours in this course for me to become a certified yoga teacher. Being a yoga teacher is a huge responsibility, because a yoga teacher changes lives. I remembered my first yoga teacher and she made my first savasana the most beautiful moment on earth. I believed that is what led me to where I am today. As Master Paalu highlights, the “past” of you will lead you to the “present” you. With this in mind, I come to realize how much more hard work I need to put into my training. I need to get stronger, physically and mentally in order to become a good yoga teacher. I mean, who would follow or be influenced by a yoga teacher who complains of tough training and muscular aches?
Everytime something gets tough or dull, think why it was started. Quotes Master Paalu again, “Go back to your intention”. This is me, from day one, going back to my intention every time my mind tells me to stop pushing further because this physical body is in extreme discomfort. Not a surprise, I am still here, kicking and stronger each day!
To more stronger days to come!
Jasmine Yeo
March (weekday) 200 Hr YTT batch

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