2 Masters and 14 students

I’m coming into the last week of the yoga teaching course. I wanted to write about my experience during week 1 but realised I wasn’t ready as I stared at my screen for way too long and didn’t get to write anything.  I was processing the information and now at the end of the third week, I feel I can put into words what this experience has meant to me.

Two of my very close friends completed the course recently and I more or less knew what I was getting into in terms of areas covered during the course. I was expecting anatomy, some sort of yoga philosophy, breathing techniques and asanas. I knew that asanas was going to be a small part of the course and it was going to be much more holistic that the physical part. I didn’t expect however the level and depth of conversations about life in general. I have enjoyed being in a room with the same 13 people every day and exchanging views on life, death, work, family, the economy and more.  It is not often that we discuss such topics with people who are so different to each other in terms of culture, religion background, age, and personalities. 

I have seen myself changing in the last 3 weeks. Not only I am a bit more flexible and can touch my legs with my head when I’m in Pascimatanasana pose (something I couldn’t do before), but I am much more open minded than I thought I was. I have always been quite skeptical about things like healing with crystals, or music, bad and good energy, etc but part of me it’s very intrigued and wants to learn more and experience all of these for myself.

I take away with me some key messages that I want to apply in my life and live by.

– self discipline

– self observance

– yoga is individualistic

– we need to break all the barriers that have inside our head 

– feedback: Coming from a corporate background and managerial role where you are constantly encouraged to get feedback from your piers, hearing from Master Paalu how we shouldn’t think too much about what our students think of us really surprised me. This really contradicted everting I’ve been taught but I am ready to apply this in my life.

So I take this opportunity, even though we have 1 week to go, to thank Master Paalu and Master Wei Ling for inspiring me, teaching me and sharing their knowledge with me. 

I’ll be back!

– Angela-


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