2 Impossible Things Man is Unable to Perform

Our minds have always been attempting to perform 2 impossible things.  Firstly to rewrite the past, which we know cannot be done.  Past is past and cannot be relived, revived and rewrote.  You are unable to go to the past and but retain memories of it, which hardly has the complete details.  It cannot be the real, as there are smritis (memories).
It is no more there, it has no life, it will not achieve anything.  No achievement is possible.  This is one of the ultimate impossible goals of mankind.  Can you undo it?
Secondly, the idea that has always preoccupied mankind and his mind is to establish or cement the future. This cannot be done nor undone. It is not yet – future.  You have no hold of it.  You have no idea of it.  You cannot cast it in stone.  It appears completely open, pure, and mysterious.  There is no certainty.  Amongst the two, the past is more real and completely out of reach and control
Man stands in between these two impossibilities and wants to make both certain especially the future, the tomorrow, next week, month and year – as you know is impractical.  It is like a blind man walking in the dark. The very nature and quality of the future is uncertainty.   We need to respect this uncertainty as it was created by nature and don’t waste precious time looking.  The past is a dead phenomenon.However, we can reinterpret it, to suit our present situations.
Most psycho therapists are just doing that this.  That is, reinterpreting the past to make it more palatable, but the past remains the same.
Astrologists, numerologits, tarot readers, I Ching on the other hand, try to make the future more certain, as man has insatiable desire to know the future.  As such, there are thousands of ways to fool and confuse oneself, to adulterate oneself.
As Patanjali has said in the Yoga Sutras:
3.53 ksana tat kramayoh samyamat viveka-jam jnanam
By samyama on the moments and their succession, there comes the higher knowledge that is born from discrimination.
Freedom, happens when we samyama on the moments.

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