My 1st week at YTT

I’ve never thought I’ll be doing this training. Coming from Argentina where Yoga was seen as an activity for old or crazy people when I was a kid, this is a big step. Till today people said it’s a terrible practice and it’s dangerous because many people get injured.

I’ve started practicing Yoga when I moved to the US, I fell in love the minute I’ve started. I kept practicing it on and off (3 kids and 3 different countries in between) mostly for 15 years now. I tried different types of classes, different teachers and I’ve realized that it’s not that easy to find good ones that can really teach what Yoga is. That was my main reason to start this training. For the 1st time I found a teacher that showed me the other side of the practice. It’s not all about the body, it’s a balance between body and mind.

She encourage me to do the YTT and seek more information, and here I am 1 week into the YTT getting surprise of how much I love being here, and absorb all the new concepts.

I’ve never tried to know myself, I just accepted what everyone thought I was, so in this path I’ve just started there are many different doors opening that I’ve never thought I’ll have. 

During this week, we worked hard on our Asanas, which was the only part of Yoga I’ve knew well, but we also learn Pranayama and how it helps as to be focus and relax our mind. It’s amazing to see how you can apply it to every day life. Another thing we’ve learnt this week was Ayurveda, another practice that helps us be in balance.

Understanding what Yoga is in a week is impossible but “Creator” Paalu has a great way of transferring knowledge, and starting to learn Yoga Theory has been very enjoyable and not boring.

If you’re reading this blog and you’re doubting as I did to join the YTT don’t be afraid, get the courage you have inside and you won’t regret it.


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