My 1st Tripod Headstand =)

Tripod Headstand
My first tripod headstand didn’t come easy.
Back then I could not even conquer headstand. After many vigorous weekends of practice and with the guidance of both my teachers- Jessica and Nicole, I could walk up to my 1st headstand. Nevertheless the wall was always a form of assurance for me lest if I fall, the wall will be there for me. Eventually I started to do my headstand slightly away from the wall.
I thought since I could conquer the headstand, nothing can be too difficult until my teacher brought in handstand. OMGA!!! To start it off, you can first do a tripod headstand before progressing to the eventual state: Handstand.
To share with you my method:
1) Put your arms on your mat, making sure your left hand can touch the right elbow and vice versa. Mark that position cos that’s where you will put your palms on it later.
2) Interlace your fingers and you will put the flat part of your head at your interlaced fingers.
3) Straighten your legs as though you are in a downward facing dog pose.
4) Slowly walk your toes forward till you feel your whole weight leaning forward.
5) Put your knees on your arms, one at a time.
6) Hold for a few seconds. Remember your ujjayi breathing to stabilize your pose.
Tada now you are officially a “tripod headstand” warrior =)
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