Pada Hastasana (Hand to feet pose)

PadahastasanaThis is a standing forward bending pose, with hands (Pada) touching the feet (Hasta). This pose reminds me of the school days. During the physical education (PE) lessons, this is a must do warm-up exercise. Everytime i will have a hard time to reach the feet. Back then, I always thought that people who are able to reach the fit has a longer hand than me. After attending this course, I understand that this is not true at all. To perform this pose, its not a matter of the structure of the body, everybody can do it. You just need to know the techniques and apply it.
1. Stand at the front of the mat
2. Inhale, Raise up both arms, lengthen the spine.
3. Exhale, Slowly bend forward from the hips
4. Inhale, Look forward and lengthen the spine
5. Exhale, Suck in the tummy and bend deeper. If possible, place the palms under the feet
*Stay for 5 breaths*
6. Bring the arms alongside of the ears
7. Inhale, Slowly lift up the body to an upright position
8. Exhale, Lower both arms to the side of the body
Slipped disc and back problems
Place blocks at the front of the feet. Place the palms on the blocks instead.
Stretches the entire posterior part of the body
Increase flexibility of the spine
Increase blood supply to the brain
Tone the abdomen
Strengthen hamstring
Slow down the heart beat
Make one feel calm
Make the mind peaceful
Inprove digestion
Removes constipation

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