Satya and Tara

DSC02159SATYA – living the truth.
I’ve learnt a good few lessons from this little girl (possibly because she has all the best bits of her father’s spirit). This is Tara.
Tara is the only true Paddy in our family (being the only one actually born in Ireland – the rest of us are ‘Plastic Paddies’, born in England and pretending to be Irish!). Tara is now 9 (and 3 quarters), still dressing in her own ‘style’, and lives every day like it’s the best day that ever happened to her. She gives the best hugs in the world, knows when someone else needs a hug, or makes up a good enough excuse to give you one anyway, and always tries her best, never thinking that she might fall.
Sometimes it’s terrifying trying to keep up with her, emotionally and physically – but I can’t wait to see where she goes in her life. She is completely fearless.
Tara is always true to herself, wending her merry way in life, not stepping carefully, but dashing ahead. Being a good friend, not being concerned about what people think of her, and putting her heart into all that she does.
Tara has never cared if she has her ‘Sunday’ knickers on on a Sunday, or if her top matches her skirt, and I can’t imagine that she ever will. And I thank the heavens for that.
YTT 200hr, January 2016

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