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The impression I had of yoga years ago was that it’s a very mild and gentle “workout”, it’s something for bendy people, it’s boring (all that ohm and zen-ness) cause I always sought for high intensity and very active type of workout. My first encounter with yoga was many years ago – I went for a class right after Body Combat (young, and wild and free and energetic) at Fitness First and of course, my body wasn’t able to go into asana poses properly after tiring myself out from Body Combat. With that I came to the conclusion that, I’ve tried yoga and it’s not my cup of tea. It wasn’t until many years later that I gave it another go at the persuasion of a new colleague (who’s now my coursemate) and to my surprise I really enjoyed it. One and half year later, here I am writing about my yoga journey and to the surprise of many, I’m enrolled in this course training to be a yoga teacher.
When yoga was just a “workout” in the first year of practice, I didn’t realise how it could be a lifestyle. I couldn’t connect the dots until I realised how in our daily lives, a lot of little things we do are yoga – breathing, focusing, being present, having awareness, and many more. It wasn’t until I started practicing more regularly did I feel the difference, and it was definitely a turning point when I signed up for teacher training course.
I may not practice asanas everyday, but almost everything I see and do, it somehow links to yoga in one way or another so much so that my mum thinks I’m obsessed with yoga. I couldn’t contain my excitement of being able to link daily information I received to yoga – it’s everything from breathing, attitude, mindset, down to food that we eat. And at the end of the day, I want to share this with people I care about. I want it to help them in their lives as much as it does in mine.
Yoga somehow has become a coping mechanism in today’s hectic lifestyle and upside down world, at least for me. It is present very subtly in daily life, it changes the way I think, react and process information because of so much awareness of what’s happening with every action taken. It doesn’t get overwhelming, it just becomes a sub-conscious effort and this is working towards a positive direction. There’s a driving force within that always tries to better myself in everything I do, not in a competitive way, but just towards a better life for lack of a better words. Sometimes, it’s just difficult to articulate this for someone else to understand. It is something you experience to believe and incorporate as part of your lifestyle.
In short, yoga has improved my life. Enrolling in this course is now like yoga on steroid.
200hr Vinyasa Sept 2015 (weekend)

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