Between B R E A T H : 18” | CONSOLATION/ SOLACE (spirit)

Between   B R E A T H : 18” | CONSOLATION/ SOLACE (spirit)




Now and then we get to meet,

The truth within not many dare admit.

Mind’s limits grow from shadows of the old,

Intermixed thoughts with no elements to hold.



Perhaps your life’s mission has a checklist,

The dos, the don’ts; the beauty and the beast.

However, the spirit’s mission is just to exist,

The gift of lips to the one we never kissed.



The body, the mind, they fight for each’s pride,

So steadfast and pledge yourself to neither side.

Yet commit to preserve the balance of the mystified,

Until the consolation of spirit is unified. 



The language of spirit surpasses speech and action,

Meandering gracefully through feelings and intuition.

Alike the dance of two spirits to the cha-cha sync,

With a wink, a slink and a double link.



The body begins in space but expired in certainty,

The mind exists in time but belong to eternity.

The spirit however manifest due to a promising significance,

Between the space of breath, a silver lining of remembrance.



when the end is just the beginning of the universe’s secrets,

The spirits transverse every branch, blossoming flowers and falling leaflets.

Time will come to awake those pretending to be asleep,

As everything is connected, depending on how you breathe.





Solace begins with dialogues; Dialogues begins with listening.

May you seek conscious flow and congruency in your thoughts, speech and actions






Jack Chan ^^  |  TTC 2018’03  |  Weekend Warrior!