Keep Calm and Start Meditating

Many energetic and active young adults cringe at the thought of doing meditation. The 1st thing that comes to their mind, when you ask them to meditate is:
“Makes me sleep”,
“I prefer to move more to slim down” etcetera.
But did you know, that meditations brings about many benefits to yourself, both physically and mentally? Our human brain is a very complex organ, which the potential is widely misunderstood and underestimated. Our brains are capable of rewiring itself to function, even when you have, literally, only half brain, or partial of it being taken away, due to unfortunate events. It changes continuously over its lifespan, and is designed to adapt constantly.
Research has shown that when we practice mindful meditation regularly, we are charting new pathways to calm the banter that is going on inside the brain, along with it comes several benefits. To name a few, such as:
• Lowered blood pressure
• Decrease any tension related pain
• Improve mood, behaviour and emotional stability
• Improve immune system
• Increase energy level as we gain inner source of energy
• Creativity and happiness increases
• Anxiety decrease
Regular practice of meditation is necessary to experience the full benefits of it. Here are some tips which you can use, to start on your meditation practice:-
• Choose a peaceful environment
• Wear comfortable clothes
• Decide how long (the duration) you want to meditate
• Sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes
• Follow your breathing
There you go. Hope this article will inspire you, and help you start on a beneficial meditation practice.
Anna Hee, 200hrs YTT, weekend

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