Broken man

There are days when I look in the mirror and I see a broken man.
Broken not in the sense of his spirit, but one whose body is not able to comply with what his mind thinks it should do.
I have always been told that my hamstrings are tight, my shoulders are tight, my back is slouched, my hip flexors are wound up. As such, even before attempting to a particular asana, I can set myself up for failure based on all these impressions that have gained some truth in it.
And over time, I have started to believe that my hamstrings and shoulders are tight, my back is always slouching and my hips are immobile. And so, the only way to work through it is to work on embracing these distractions of the mind and to physically correct all these misalignments that have become a part of me.
And so, here I am, sharing my go-to poses, that will make me whimper like a little baby:
Hips: Malasana, & Pigeon pose
Twists: Marichiyasana C and D, Grasshopper pose
Hamstrings: Lizard pose, Hanuman pose, Standing splits, Vashistasana
Shoulders: Prasaritta Padotanasana C,
I have always thought that to be a decent enough teacher, I have to be able to overcome and accomplish the asanas that I find difficulty to get in. I have since decided that my worth as a (possible) teacher is not tagged to my ability to do poses. It is the subtle teaching of compassion, gratitude, mindfulness and self-awareness that is paramount.
I should develop a sense of detachment to the successes and missed chances in my asana practice like how the Stoics of Grecian times dealt with emotions – with self control. Only then can one truly attain clarity in his thoughts and see the true path as it lies ahead.
Peace out,
Suffian (200hr YTT weekday)

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