This has pretty much been my routine for the last 4 months ever since 200hrs YTTC began – waking up at 6am to do a quick AM yoga routine as suggested by Master P.  Kapalabhati used to wake my better half and the 4 dogs. Now it doesn’t effect them anymore! In fact, I’ve converted my favourite pooch into a Downward Dog … eh I’m damn proud of that ah ☺ PS: When he knows I’m getting ready to do some new yoga asana, he always gets in front of the camera before I do!
pedro downdog
I’m one week away from the end of this course and tho it saddens me that I will no longer be spending my weekends with people who have now become my yogi weekend mates, I take pride that they (including my teachers) have taught me much about life and yoga, lessons which I will take with me and keep for the rest of my life.
This August marks my 2nd year practicing yoga and I cannot wait to take this journey a step further – by imparting the very valuable knowledge that I have attained these past few months and sharing that with avid yogi wannabes out there.
In my first transformation blog, I wrote about hoping to master Sirsasana (without the wall). I am so happy to say that I have managed to do that but like all asanas, there is always the road to perfection – straightening the legs, staying in the pose for 25 breaths (gosh!), among many others so my advise to all beginner yogis out there – #practiceandalliscoming (my fav instagram hashtag fyi).
I’m glad I didn’t hesistate to do this course just cos I’m probably the oldest one in the class. My personal mantra ‘If not now, then when?” gave me the determination to carry on, and no, you don’t need a dancer’s or model’s body to perform the asanas (tho it helps, especially for Garbha Pindasana haha). All you need is a steady mind and a passion for yoga.  As for the rest, let the gurus guide you.
YogiGlam (aka Samantha Dorai)