The rejected push-up

So here I am, 2 weeks to the end of the yoga teacher training course and I’m about to tell you about the first time I performed a push-up at number 80 Arab Street.
One beautiful morning in 2013, I came to Tirisula for the first time to check out what the yoga teacher-training course liked. My plan at that time was to certify myself as a yoga teacher and then fly off to Europe for my master degree. Of course things changed in life in an unexpected way, a matter of fact that I won’t waste my blogging energy trying to justify it or your time to read about it.
The first person I met in Tirisula that morning was master Paalu and the first thing he asked me to do was a push-up (of course!). About 5 minutes later, I stepped out of the busy studio feeling upset with the advice to go home and practice some more before joining the course. There I had thought the course required no experience in yoga.
But I kept practicing, though.
Toward the end of last year (of course life had changed tremendously since the last time I thought of the training course), I came to decision that I would just take the course and get over with it rather than let it bugging me for so long. Another small decision I made was to just register without seeing that yoga master in advance.
That small decision got me here today, two more exams to be a certified yoga teacher. It has been a self-rewarding and challenging ride for me with the struggles with physical practice, timing, life balancing and certainly a pinch of salt for my life and career aspiration.
Sometimes I thought about that rejected push-up (and the many push-ups that I have done since January this year) and wondered if it had anything to do with my ego that I ended up doing my yoga teacher training at the same studio. Shrugging my shoulder, the only thing I can admit is that I did it, anyway and everything else is history.
No regret! The knowledge, the guidance, the motivation and the friendship extended to me over the last three and a half months are truly priceless. The people I met and things that I have learnt have opened my eyes to a totally different world of yoga, much much larger and deeper than my 4-year-old thought of yoga equal to meditation in lotus.
I have seen incredible dedication, determination as well as obsession in this dynamic of beautiful minds that I’m so lucky to have been surrounded by. Quite some characteristics there but I’m sure I will miss all these craziness once it’s over.
So the wheels have rolled and I will keep you posted!
Kate Nguyen

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