The first time I encountered yoga was 7 years ago. I had an active life but hardly did any exercises. Although I was quite fit, when you reach certain age, the metabolism was getting slower and that little fat on the tummy was no longer easy to hide – yoga became an obvious choice .I don’t like gym, running or swimming- and yoga sounded fascinating. So I signed a yoga studio. For first two years yoga was nothing special for me, I hung in there, did as little as possible until I met a yoga teacher named Julie who was full of charisma, fun and light. Suddenly I was like entering a new world; it was a body awakening. I still remember how excited I was the first time I felt sore muscles on my back… Unfortunately her stay was way too short, she left soon after
I moved to Singapore 4 years ago and it was stressful both mentally and physically at the beginning. But this time yoga has become part of my life, it creates the moment I just need to focus on the breathing and let the pressure sweat away. I’ve joined a yoga studio here even before we found our home. And eventually I’ve landed here.
Looking back, I’m very glad I’ve found yoga (or yoga found me). From getting bored with hot yoga or Ashtanga Vinyasa purely because of the fixed sequences, to managing sitting still for more than 15 minutes; from absolutely no idea about any alignments to learning yoga philosophy, it was also a mind transformation. Until now I still don’t like tough physical challenge and I’m still not ready to give up good food, good wine, but I’m very interested to see/follow where yoga leads me to.
10th January

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