The first time I practiced a yoga class and the teacher invited us to put our hands together placing them at the center of the heart, taking a deep breath and exhaling together saying “Ommm” with the eyes closed, at that moment to be honest instead of chanting Om, I started looking around and observed the other practitioners doing it. I didn’t  have any idea of what was going on, but with all my respect I continued with the chant. Then, at the end of the class when everyone  was standing  up after the final pose the teacher closed the class with the hands together and said to everyone ” Namaste”once again, I replied, but no idea of what she was saying. Finally, I discovered the meaning of “Om and Namaste” Once Knowing the spiritual philosophy behind each of them, I felt in love with the mantra OM which is referred as the sound of the universe, when repeated it penetrates all and created harmony between all that exists. Now, I chant with passion this vibration to the universe, the energy inside me is indiscriptible and if it is transfers to the universe even better. Last but no least, ” Namaste ” my favorite sweet greeting or goodbye. Which means the LIGHT IN ME SEES THE LIGHT IN YOU. This form of gratitude and respect represent that we are all iqual, saying it in a honest manner the world where we all life in would be a better place.

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