Teaching is not easy as how I thought…

Week 4 has gone. We’ve been learning how to teach for a week.

I always assumed that is not too difficult to be a teacher or instructor, as long as you have the knowledge about what you are teaching. However, it is not easy to be a teacher either. A couple days ago, it was my first trial to teach my dear fellow classmates in our class. Even though I had prepared my lesson, I was just too nervous and when I get nervous, I tend to forget what I wanted to say and will just mess up everything.

And I start realizing that to be a really good teacher or instructor is really not easy. And not just about knowledge you have and also have to be organized, calm, and confident in managing the class. Besides that, your voice and tone play very important roles too. Your voice should be clear and firm by giving instruction. At the same time, your tone should be clam and gentle.

I wonder when I can be a good teacher or public speaker as I have always wanted to be. ^^




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