daily practice does work…

I am so glad that I’m still surviving and completed the 2nd week.

During my 2nd week, I did work out a lot on my back bending as my back is not flexible enough and also by engaging the correct muscles.

And today is the 1st day of the 3rd week. I felt so much different with my body by doing the Asana this morning. I felt my flexibility and strength are much better compare to last couple of weeks. Besides that, I’m so happy that I can remember the Ujayi breathing throughout the Asana this morning and this has shown me how important to breathe and so it will stabilize the asana pose, be more flexible and have more strength.

Furthermore, I guess why I can remember the Ujayi throughout the Asana this morning is because I was so focused and immersed into it. During the Asana, I wasn’t thinking of anything. Is that what they mean your body, soul and mind in one?

I am really looking forward for the rest of the week, and also keep telling myself I CAN DO IT and also work harder on my back bending. 🙂




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