After two weeks of stretching, turning, twisting, squaring, lifting and turning myself upside down, my body and mind are having a feast for the senses through pain and pleasure, while my soul is smiling.

I am enlightened at being a beginner in learning about my body and all of its forgotten parts. 

Dear body, I promise to keep every fibre of my muscles in touch with some oxygen that I will breathe in consciously. 

Dear mind, I have kept you ‘on top’ for so long. Understand that it is time for you to ‘go under’ in the name of holistic balance. It is time to let go of all the deep fears that have been embedded for no reason that serves us today. Backbends and Head Stands, my body and mind are available to learn from your poses. My soul is in for the joyous ride!

My Body and Mind , I thank you for serving my Soul with such awe. I continue to be in gratitude as we continue on our Life’s most awesome journey!


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