1 hour Intermediate Lesson Class


Duration: 5mins
Introduce myself (Hi my name is Stella, I’m your yoga instructor for today. Welcome to intermediate class)
1)      Ask students to introduce themselves and state if they have any medical conditions?
2)      Chant “OM” 3 times together to calm ourselves down and to symbolize the start of the practice.
–         Sit in a comfortable position with legs cross, both hand in “Chimudra” position(thumb & index finger together) and place it on the knee.
–         Inhale and Exhale chant “OM” (repeat 3 times)

Warm up

Duration: 10mins
1)      Stand on the mat, hands by the side
2)      Move head to the (right/ left/ up/ down) x 1 each
3)      Shoulder roll (roll forward/ roll backward) x 10 each
4)      Arms rotations (swing arms forward, swing backwards, alternate arm swing) x 10 each
5)      Torso twist (arm up stretches to right/ left while twisting your torso) x 1 each
6)      Waist rotation (rotate clockwise/ anti-clockwise) x 10 each
7)      Legs (swing leg in flexion/ extension/ abduction/ adduction) x 10 each
8)      Ankles (rotate clockwise/ anti-clockwise) x 10 each
9)      Slow and fast jog on the spot interval for 1 minute

Surya Namaskar

Duration: 20mins
1)      Stand in Tadasana (Mountain pose) on top of the mat:
–         Feet together
–         Knee cap lifted Tuck in tailbone
–         Arms beside the body
–         Shoulder away from the ears
–        Roll shoulder back
2)      Samasthiti (Standing Prayer):
–         Palms together at the heart centre
3)      Ardha Chakrasana (Half Wheel Pose):
–         Inhale, arms up, extend the spine ,squeeze the butt muscle,bend backward as much as your body allows you.
–         Bring the hips forward and bring the bodyweight in your toes while bending backwards
4)      Uttanasana (Intense Forward Bend):
–         Exhale, fold forward, chest to the thigh with belly in
–         Place both palms down to the mat*
–         Squeeze quadriceps, knee cap lifted

    *Those with stiff hamstring can slightly bend the knees

5)      Ashwa Sanchalansana (Lunge pose):
–         From Uttanasana inhale and step right leg back into lunge position*
–         Hold breath and step left leg backward into Santolasana(Plank pose)
–         Lift up the chest, face the mat, tuck the tailbone under in straight line
–         Spread fingers and ground palms firmly on to the floor

    *Make sure bent knee is in 90 degrees in line with the ankle and you’re able to see your toes (safety caution)

6)      Ashtanga Namaskar (8 Limbs Salutation):
–         Exhale, lower down the knee, chest, chin to the mat
–         Make sure that both palms beside the rib cage with elbows facing in
–         Keep the lumbar spine arched and hip point up to ceiling
7)      Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose):
–         Inhale, slide upper body forward and up,
–         Roll back the shoulder, into Cobra, heels together, pelvis on the floor*

    *Back injury keep legs open wide apart to protect the lower back

8)      Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward Facing Dog):
–         Exhale, lift up the hip and push the ground away with the arms.
–         Straighten both knees and elbows, form an inverted V shape. *
–         Legs shoulder apart, contract the quadriceps & knee cap lifted, arms strong, spread the fingers firm onto the mat
–         Hold for 5 breath

    *For those with knee injury, can slightly knee bend
    **For flat footers, you can lift the heel away from the floor

9)      Ashwa Sanchalansana (Lunge Pose):
–         Inhale, step right leg forward*
–         Hold breath, step left leg forward to join right leg

    *Make sure bent knee is in 90 degrees in line with the ankle and you’re able to see your toes (safety caution)

10)   Uttanasana (Intense Forward Bend):
–         Exhale, fold forward chest to the thigh with belly in*
–         Squeeze quadriceps, knee cap lifted

    *Those with stiff hamstring can slightly bend the knees

11)   Ardha Chakrasana (Half Wheel Pose):
–         Inhale, raise both arms up, extend the spine
–        Contract buttock, bend backward
12)   Samasthiti (Standing Prayer):
–         Exhale, palms at heart centre
This is half a round. Repeat step 5 on the left leg to complete as 1 round. Total 5 rounds.
* For beginner, do the steps slowly and steadily. Do not rush. Try to synchronize the breathing and movement. After constant practices, you will find your body getting more limber and energetic.

Asana Posture

Duration: 20mins
1)      Virabhadrasana I & II (Warrior I & II)
–         Stand in Tadasana (Mountain Pose)
–         Step left foot backward 2 to 4 feet away, hip and shoulder facing forward, toes pointing forward
–         Bend the right knee in 90 degrees, back leg should be straight and strong, firmly grounded to the floor. Try to transfer some weigh to back leg, then the bend knee wouldn’t feel the pressure.
–         Make sure head, shoulders, hip & bend knee are in same direction
–         Square hip, tuck the tailbone under. If find difficult to balance, turn the back foot slight outward
–         Inhale, raise both arms up and fingers pointing toward ceiling. Shoulders relax down away from ears, squeeze the biceps and triceps muscles.
–         Hold for 5 breaths
–         Turn the torso body to the left and slightly rotate externally on the left foot without moving the right bend knee. Extend both arms side to side parallel to the mat. Tuck the tailbone under to avoid over arching the lower back.
–         Turn the head to right focus on finger tips. Arms strong squeeze the scapula muscles.
–         Hold for 5 breath (Ujayi Breath)
* To come out of the pose
–         Exhale lower down the arms to the side of the body
–         Straighten the bend knee and return to the top of the mat Tanasana (Mountain Pose)
*Repeat on the other side.
2)      Janu Sirsasana A
–         Being in Dandasana (Staff Pose)
–         Bend left leg and place it on the floor with foot touched the inner thigh, keep right leg straight and foot flexed with toes facing up toward ceiling
–         Inhale raise up both arms over the head
–         Exhale, fold forward with belly in, lengthen the spine, face touched the shin, left hand bind the right wrist over the right foot, push the left shoulder down in even with right shoulder
–         Instead of bend far forward, focus on lengthen and straighten the spine
–         Hold for 5 breath (Ujayi Breath)
*Repeat on the other side.
3)      Purvattanasana (Inclined Plane Pose):
–         Be in Dandasana (Staff Pose)
–         Place both palms on the floor behind the hip, fingers pointing toward body
–         Press both palms and feet firmly ground into the floor
–         Inhale lift up the hip and buttock up toward the ceiling, in one straight line, keep the chest upward
–         Relax the neck and drop back the head*
–         Hold for 5 breath**(Ujayi Breath)

    * If feel dizzy, just lift up the head look on one point
    ** Wrists injury, can bend the elbow into the mat instead of palms

* To come out of the pose
–         Exhale lower down the hip and body into dandasana, shake out the hands to relieve the wrists
4)      Shalabhasana (Locust Pose)
–         Lie on the belly, feet on the floor wide apart
–         Place both arms under the lower abdominal with palms facing down or interlock the palms, make sure that arms are straight & shoulder are relaxed down away from the ears
–         Rest the chin on the floor
–         Inhale lift up both legs, make sure chin stick on the mat and lift as high as possible
–         Hold for 5 breath(Ujayi Breath)
* To come out of the pose
–        Exhale lower the legs on the mat, release arms beside the body
–         Perform Balasana (Child’s Pose) as a counter pose to release the lower back
5)      Dhanurasana (Bow Pose)
–         Lie flat on the floor, forehead resting on the mat
–         Bend both knee and bring the heels close to the buttocks
–         Bring both hand hold on the ankles
–         Inhale lift up the head, chest and thighs off the floor. Straighten the arms and elbows
–         Hold for 5 breath(Ujayi Breath)
* To come out of the pose
–         Exhale slowly lower down the chest, head and forehead on the floor, and release both arms and legs
–        Perform Balasana (Child’s Pose) as a counter pose to release the lower back
6)      Knee down twist
–       Lie on your back with both legs extended and feet together
–       Place arms outside of the body in line with shoulder, palms facing up
–        Bend right leg, place right foot cross over left knee
–        Exhale lower right knee towards the floor and twist lower body*
–        Turn head to the right, gaze at right shoulder
–        Hold for 5 breath(Ujayi Breath)

    * Knee does not have to rest on the floor. Make sure shoulders and arms are relaxed down on the floor

* To come out of the pose
–        Inhale, bring back the right knee and head to the center and extend the bend leg

Finishing – Savasana (Resting pose)

Duration: 5mins
–         Lie on back with legs flat on the floor, keep spine straight in line with the head
–         Exhale, relax both legs and feet, allow them to turn out to the side
–         Arms slightly apart from side with palms facing up, relax the shoulders down into the floor
–         You may close the eyes & relax your body, observing the breath, release any tension that you may have – Start to visualize the body from toes toward head one by one, melting into the floor.
–         Hold for 5 mins.
* To come out of the pose
–         Bring back the energy to the physical body, open your eyes, raise up the arms over the head and make a nice stretch.
–         Roll to the side with both knee slightly bend, hold for a second in this position, press your hands into the floor as you slowly come up to a sitting position.
–         May gently close your eyes again, be aware of the breath.
To end the class, inhale as you exhale chant “OM” together