1.3 Tada drastuh svarupe avasthanam

At that time , the soul will radiate in his own to show his true aspect, beauty. For me, we are surrounded by a lot of attractions in your life. Not only by people , but also by all the technology , media which target your mind to try capture , to distract ,  to brain storming your head. We are living into a world of image , where reality is virtual, where deep inside there is nothing but an image only. After you realize that , at this moment, you will shut down your mind and you will discover your inner soul. It happens sometime , you take some decision in your life but it doesn’t feel right because your mind took your decision instead of your feeling. I think we forget to feel because our world, our society, and  people generally  work like that.It is never to late to do something that is why it is bring me to yoga.

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