S.P.E.A.R Yoga for Scoliosis

Yoga for Scoliosis

What does S.P.E.A.R stand for?

It means all our structured sequences are :


S – Simple

P – Pain-free

E – Easy

A – Adequate (no other exercise required!)

R – Rejuvenating

yoga for scoliosis

There are generally two categories of scoliosis – functional and structural. Functional scoliosis causes cover conditions that do not involve the spine, such as muscular imbalance. Structural (idiopathic) scoliosis can develop with no apparent cause or as a result of an injury or infection that affects the spine or spinal cord.


People with scoliosis often experience feelings of helplessness and insecurity which can lead to depression. Yoga helps to encourage a more normal symmetrical alignment through stretching muscles that have tightened and strengthening muscles that have become weak from asymmetrical imbalance.


What does Scoliosis look and feel like?

Depending on the degree of curvature and its location along the spine, some people may look like they are leaning to one side or if observed from the side, may look like they have one side of the rib cage and/or shoulders protruding more than the other.


If left untreated, severe scoliosis can lead to nerve damage or even heart and lung problems due to pressure caused by the asymmetrical curvature/rotation of the spine. There might even be pain when standing, sitting or walking.


What is this workshop about?

Yoga for Scoliosis is a 2-day workshop covering the importance of postural alignment, joint mobility and body awareness in countering the effects of asymmetric alignment. It aims to bring comfort and quality of life to patients suffering from the condition through a specifically designed scoliosis exercises that can be self practiced.


Who should do this course

Any individuals suffering from scoliosis can do this course to experience the benefits of yoga therapy, and understand its effectiveness as treatment for scoliosis/alternative to surgery.


What is covered in the course

  • Postural Analysis
  • Scoliosis causes and overview
  • How yoga benefits
  • Tirisula Yoga S.P.E.A.R sequence for scoliosis
  • Specific asanas to relieve pain and improve condition
  • Meditiation techniques for self healing
  • Pranayama techniques
  • Alignment and coping techniques
  • Self-practice modes

The structure of the course

  • 2 days – (5.5 hrs/day), 7.30am – 1pm

    • 3 hours – Practice
    • 1 hour – Break
    • 1.5 hours – Theory


  • SGD 800




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Please email info@tirisulayoga.com or call +65 6299 5181 / +65 8518 4900 for more information.