S.P.E.A.R Yoga for Arthritis & Herniated Disc

What does S.P.E.A.R stand for?

It means all our structured sequences are :

S – Simple

P – Pain-free

E – Easy

A – Adequate (no other exercise required!)

R – Rejuvenating


What does having Arthritis/Herniated Disc feel like?

Is the area around a joint e.g. wrist, knee, or elbow, red, swollen, and tender to the touch? Is there pain during movement? Does it feel warm?


Do you feel a sharp pain in your neck/back when you bend forward? Do you feel ‘electric shock’ pains radiating down your arms or legs? Followed by abnormal tingly or numb sensations?


Having these conditions can also limit  the physical and social aspects of a person’s life. They may affect your ability to bend, lift, or grasp objects, or walk even a short distance. As the condition worsens, it can hinder everyday activities like bathing, grooming, and using the toilet. People who have arthritis/herniated disc may have feelings of helplessness and loss of control over their lives, which can lead to depression.

The doctor of the future will give no medicines,

but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame,

in diet, and in the causes and prevention of disease.

~Thomas Edison


There are over 100 different forms of arthritis and one of the most common form in Singapore is rheumatoid arthritis. People suffering from arthritis will have symptoms of pain, swelling, stiffness and constant ache around the joints. Serious symptoms includes immobility – the inability to use hands or walk, weight loss, sleeplessness.

Disc herniation can occur in any disc in the spine, most commonly in the lumbar (lower back) and cervical (neck) regions. The former being the most common cause of sciatica, which is usually described as a radiating pain from the lower back to leg due to stress on the sciatic nerve.

Regular exercise is emphasised especially for herniated disc and rheumatoid arthritis as it is important to keep the muscles strong to support the joints and spine, while movement allows reduction in stiffness. Living with these conditions is a painful and stressful ordeal for the patient and their loved ones. The inability to move can cause the individual to become depressed. According to the Arthritis Foundation, a program of yoga poses, breathing and relaxation can make a huge difference in joint tenderness and swelling.


What is this workshop about?

Yoga therapy for arthritis and herniated disc is 2-day workshop aiming to bring comfort and quality of life to patients suffering from these conditions through specific designed gentle yoga routine that can be self practiced from home.


Who should do this course

Any individuals suffering from arthritis/herniated disc can do this course to understand and experience the benefits of yoga therapy and how it can help to improve the quality of life


What is covered in the course

  • Arthritis/herniated disc overview
  • How yoga benefits
  • Tirisula Yoga S.P.E.A.R sequence for arthritis/herniated disc
  • Specific asanas to relieve pain and improve condition of spine/joint problems
  • Meditiation techniques for self healing
  • Pranayama techniques
  • Alignment and coping techniques
  • Chakra System and how it affects arthritis/herniated disc
  • Mudra for Arthritis/herniated disc
  • Self-practice modes

The structure of the course

  • 2 days – (5.5 hrs/day), 7.30am – 1pm
    • 3 hours – Practice
    • 1 hour – Break
    • 1.5 hours – Theory


  • SGD 800